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A Groundbreaking Manifesto for Real Estate Development Professionals

Have we in the professions related to real estate development industry become so ingrained in our way of business that we’ve lost sight of the larger picture?  In the course of excelling in technical competence and compliance as we perform our due diligence, has the true, enduring, life transforming promise of profession been compromised?  PLACE CREATION™ is a small still voice in the vastness of an industry caught up in a frenzy of building, meeting basic demands, and making a profit.  We are calling out and saying, “We can do better.”

PLACE CREATION™ is a provocative alternative to business as usual real estate development.  It puts people’s most vital needs first while also keeping the land from being second. PLACE CREATION™ seeks to right the wrongs of irresponsible real estate development while enhancing economics, aesthetics, function, and the environment while instilling a deep sense of community.

PLACE CREATION™ is an approach to development aimed at transforming the perspective and practices of professionals engaged in the development, governance, and management of land and its use.  Because it is aimed at practitioners and initiated by practitioners, it is rooted in practical terms, applications, and experience.   The collective individual actions of a few have the potential to create a meaningful shift in the present development paradigm toward a more responsible and responsive method.

If you see a place for yourself in the purpose and vision of PLACE CREATION™, then you’re invited to enter the conversation, contribute your thoughts, and engage with us.  Start by downloading our free white paper: click here.

Place Creation

About the Authors
Bradley A. Smith, ASLA, AICP is Founder
and CEO of Brad Smith Associates located in
Melbourne, FL. For over twenty-five years,
he has guided his site planning and landscape
architectural firm with an eye for enhancing
community and creating memorable places.
Brad speaks of Place Creation™ with a sincere
passion and compelling presentation of
what can be. He’s a visionary grounded in his
profession. He is a man who attracts, inspires,
and retains creative and talented members
to the firm.
In 2009, Brad co-founded LandEconics™,
focusing on the issues of sustainability and
economic enhancement for managing campus

Visit Brad Smith Associates web site at:

Kevin W. McCarthy, MBA is the CEO of
On-Purpose Partners, LLC, a business consulting
firm focused on strategy, marketing,
brand, and culture. He is the author of two
books: The On-Purpose Person and The On-
Purpose Business. In the 1980s, he worked
for the Trammell Crow Company and was the
President of United States Properties. He has
held an active Florida real estate brokerage
license for over twenty years. Today, Kevin
is a self-proclaimed “recovering real estate
developer.” He moved from developing land
to developing people and businesses in 1990.

Visit On-Purpose Partners web site at:

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