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Planning, Design, and Management of Outdoor Environments

This site is dedicated to an exchange of ideas – about what comprises a “sustainable site”, how to manage your “living assets”, and developing systematic approaches that yield great places while being quite cost-effective.

It’s all about enhancing community!

So come join in the conversation because we want to provide you with valuable information and great resources.
Enhancing community and saving money through sustainable design solutions are not mutually exclusive; you can, and should do both.


Brad Smith, President of Brad Smith Assoc. Inc.

Brad Smith, ASLA, AICP is the founder of Brad Smith Associates, Inc. – a landscape architectural planning and design firm headquartered in Melbourne, Florida.  Since 1982, the firm has been developing outdoor environments that are both beautiful and practical.  A certified Planner, and a registered landscape architect, Brad’s strengths are in the areas of strategy, communication, and vision.  He is a maximizer – he loves to transform something strong into something superb.




SG Castellina in Chianti 2Scott Girard served as the chief landscape architect for Walt Disney Imagineering globally.  Later, he returned to assist the Disney organization by combining the Theme Parks and Resort Divisions into a single entity responsible for landscape maintenance of the entire Walt Disney World Resort complex.  In the first year of combining those two $18 million entities, Scott was able to push $4 million to the bottom line through various strategic initiatives.  Later, another $4 million savings was realized, many of which continue to effect ongoing financial savings today.




“What we like about Brad Smith Associates, Inc. is that they spent the time to understand our situation – they ‘get us’ and that makes our jobs easier!  By creating the design templates, they have given us a vehicle that works.  Now the development team has the tools to ensure that our ‘living assets’ thrive throughout the years.  Because of BSA’s efforts, we have been able to create a strong cohesiveness between all of our properties, and that is important to us.”

Shannon Lee
Development Associate
The Richman Group of Florida

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