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Graphic by Ponchosqueal; Flickr.com

Two Residential Gardens; One Big Difference!

Where would you rather live?  That’s the question posed by a Sustainable Sites Initiative case study on two residential gardens in Santa Monica, CA.  One garden is quite typical:  a lawn and some foundation plantings.  The other is an example of the movement toward landscape design that is more sustainable – it uses less water, generates less yard waste, requires less maintenance, and looks good!  While the native garden cost about 25% more to install, the ongoing labor cost to maintain was 68% less per year.  Over the life of the landscape, that adds up!

According to an ASLA study released in October of 2008, most folks understand about ways to save on energy costs inside the house, but aren’t so sure about how to save on water, energy, and labor when it comes to their landscapes.  The Sustainable Sites Initiative should help to provide clarity and performance standards for landscapes, much like LEED has done for buildings.

We need to work to get the “green” back into discussions about Green Infrastructure.

Which garden do you prefer?  It’s your choice!

Traditional garden

Traditional Garden

Native Garden

Native Garden

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