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Corporate Sustainability Yields Real Financial Rewards – Not Higher Costs

Extra rewards, not extra costs – that is the result of sustainability, according to a recently published article in the Harvard Business Review.   The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)’s blog, The Dirt, cites one salient quote from the article:

Instead of just superficially responding to external pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, companies must internalize sustainability, and embed sustainability into their core businesses. ”  Sustainability is a mother lode of organizational and technological innovations that yield both bottom-line and top-line returns.  Becoming environment-friendly lowers costs because companies end up reducing the inputs they use. In addition, the process generates additional revenues from better products or enables companies to create new businesses.  In fact, because those are the goals of corporate innovation, we find that smart companies now treat sustainability as innovation’s new frontier.

Applying this line of thinking to the corporate, campus, or civic  landscape yields the same “bottom line” results.  When Living Assets are properly managed, when the “right plant” is used in the “right place”, and when a rigorous analysis of the landscape design is conducted, using applied economics, significant savings can be achieved – savings in labor, equipment, and materials.  We have been entering new frontiers as we continue to develop our Living Asset Management Program, and we are discovering that there is much more to it than merely “greenwashing” by adding zippy marketing language to everyday services.  The more you dig, the more you discover that what C.K. Prahalad, Ram Nidumolu, and M.R. Rangaswami wrote about sustainability being the key driver of innovation is true!

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  • Be sure to choose a landscaper who can help you put the “right plant” in the “right place.” In the long run, you will significantly reduce your landscape maintenance costs. This works whether you’re making a decision about your back yard or a park as large as Disney. Yes, you can have more greens and more greenbacks at the same time!

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